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harmony floorArchitects and Designers do their best to translate their ideas into graphic drawings, but it is difficult to document the entirety of a visual concrete floor, no matter what you do. It can be detailed to death, but no matter how many drawings you have, there are always areas that are difficult to convey, especially when it comes to such a visual and tactile product.

Research is a vital aspect to any design. This is where Colormaker can provide you with the technical information and then assist with custom specifications for your project. We are there as the manufacturer, compounder and blender for all the necessary decorative concrete materials you might require, as well as acting as your flooring consultant when needed.

what our client had to say...

"Owned by associate and mad genius Gary Jones, Colormaker is our primary source of colors. Gary's Pentimento and Sgraffino lines are the only concrete skims (overlays), I've seen, that actually work. They even look like real concrete! This is the only manufacturer that really 'gets it.' "
Miller the concretist, Benicia, California

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