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Nature, the ultimate color palette, with endless variations of shade and tone, hue and nuance. Its color is never static or flat. Impact and beauty is derived from her subtlety and texture, light and shadow. At Colormaker, these harmonies have been achieved through a wealth of experience gained from Gary Jones and his contributing artisan associates who have given unselfishly of their knowledge and richly deserve appreciation.

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Colormaker blends their own line of cementitious toppings ready for installing. Once installed these provide the artisan with a new concrete surface. Depending on the clients request, the new surface can be integrally colored during installation or have numerous coloration techniques carried out on them once initially cured (12-24 hours depending on ambient temperature and conditions).

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Aqua Color (PDF)


Patinaetch (acid stains)

Someru Dyes (water based dyes)

Decographic Dye (solvent based dyes)