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The translucent water-based Someru Concrete Dye creates a pastel watercolor look. Adds visual texture and depth to a concrete surface or cementitious topping. Easily applied with a pump up garden sprayer. Perfect coloration system when layers of color are required. It is essential that the concrete artisan practices and learns to anticipate the over dying sequences. For instance the first dye wash will influence and sometimes determine the direction of the overall color plan.

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Someru Dye
A water-based formula of transparent pigment used for coloring hardened concrete surfaces and toppings or for enhancing acid stained floors. It is manufactured and ready to use in primary colors or may be blended together to create a pleasing palette of vibrant colors.

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Somerublack, red, blue, yellow, brownPail10
Somerublack, red, blue, yellow, brownPail50

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