Credit Score Comparison Chart

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You can start by comparing your score to national averages. According to the Fair Issac Corporation (FICO) first introduced in 1989, the.

In effect, it tells you in a single number what your credit report says about your management of existing credit. Generally, the higher your score, the better. A TransUnion consumer credit score, for example, can range from 0 to 999 or from poor to excellent. The following score bands are defined for the score: EXCELLENT: 767 – 999

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iStock. Did you know that there are hundreds of credit scoring models being used today? With different lenders creating different credit score models based on.

– Credit scores can make or break your financial livelihood.. Your chart showing the differences in mortgage payments is a real eye opener. FHA vs Conventional Loan comparison chart infographic If at least 3 of these statements apply to you then you may be a candidate for a conventional mortgage loan.

Below is a chart to compare key features of Personal Capital and Quicken. Budgeting capabilities are available on all four Quicken plans. Your credit score – Quicken provides your VantageScore from.

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A good credit score is anything above 700 and a very good credit score is 720 or higher. How Does Your Credit Score Compare? When comparing your number to others, you need to know which credit score model is being used to calculate the score, and what credit score range is being used.

As stated the above, the FICO score range is between 300 to 850. However, there has not been a reported case of anyone having a FICO credit score of 300 nor anyone having a perfect credit score of 850. The FICO score range may seem large, but your goal should be to get your credit score beyond 720.